Travertine natural stone, which is formed in the aquatic environment resulting precipitate calcium salts. On the structural characteristics of travertine does not apply to hard rock, so it's easy to cut the usual disk saw.

 The external environment can have a significant impact on the color palette of travertine. In the absence of external influence, which happens very rarely, the color of the stone is white with a warm hue. In this case, the travertine does not require polishing. Typically, colours vary from beige colour to walnut colour. In this case, the darker the stone, the best technical characteristics it possesses.

 Travertine has been used successfully in finishing thank to special thermal and soundproof properties. Durability, lightness and frost-resistance - these are the qualities that allow a fairly extensive use of travertine for the facing. Tiles made of travertine, is used for decoration of bathrooms. Also, the stone can be used as windowsills.