Slate and Quartzite

Slate and quartzite ecoSlate amazing material. After all, in addition to the variety of colours and all shades, he has one clear advantage of the natural facture, which have not such well-known stones such as marble, granite, onyx, travertine, basalt, etc.

In the interiors are used slate, quarried in different countries such as Brazil, India, Italy, Portugal and China. Brazilian and Indian slate used in Russia the most popular of the wide spector colours and for a very attractive price.

Tiles of natural slate, quartzite, appeared on the Russian market more than 10 years ago and immediately attracted the attention of architects and designers who have been actively using it in their projects in the interiors of houses, offices, shopping centers, as well as for the external facing of buildings , roofing and paving. Slate is ideal for installations on walls and the floor. It may be public places with an average passability, high humidity, basin zones, facades and so on.

 Facture of slate and quartzite it is always a natural split, with uneven relief up to 3 mm. It is obtained by splitting the stone block on natural fibers. Each tile of natural slate and quartzite  shapes by hand, and only then passes machine processing - cut to format and calibrated by thickness. Slate and quartzite, many years will remain in good condition if was correctly laying, protection and carried out periodic care. Please contact to our specialists who have wide experience and have developed recommendations for installation and care for the facture stone such as slate and quartzite.

At our storehouse you will always find tiles and slabs of natural slate and quartzite ecoSlate. We offer tile format of  300x300x12mm, 300x600x12mm, 600x600x12-15mm, as well as slabs 1300x2100x20 - 30mm. If necessary, we make sawing of tile in mosaic and wall panels (see "Wall panels made of stone"), and slabs of natural slate we produce table tops, stairs, window sills and much more for your project.

You will see how organically can be combined natural slate and quartzite ecoSlate with most modern building materials. Particularly impressive it looks in combination with natural wood (solid wood and veneer), leather, metal and glass. Use the stone ecoSlate in different directions design and style - it is also suitable for restrained minimalism, and cold high-tech, and Art Nouveau, and for the fashionable Art Deco, etc. You will only need to choose the format and colour of natural stone ecoSlate.

In any case, you will be satisfied by choosing a natural slate and quartzite ecoSlate for your home, apartment, office.