Our company makes productions made of natural stone. We are ready to offer a of package service, from creation of the original design project with use of a natural stone in an interior, an exterior to the subsequent care of it. The availability of modern stone-working equipment gives the chance to us to cut the big stone on slabes, to process it, introduce various forms and a perfective aspect, to saw, to clear and look after it.

 Slate is being unique on the beauty and an unsurpassed material on durability, it has facture surface and it is widely used for facing of ladder steps, ramps, source groups. The relief surface of slate prevents sliding, hides scratches, long time saves fine appearance. Is ideally suited as a floor tile for furnish of bathrooms, balconies and kitchen. Slate plates use for landscape design and roads. Really a unique material!

 Quartzites are a version of slate and are successfully used at the system of heat-insulated floors, for internal furnish of medical institutions as contain natural antibacterial organic elements. Quartzite has diverse and pleasant colour scale which will harmoniously be entered in any interior.

  The quartzites are a variety of slate used successfully in warm floors for interior design of health facilities, because they contain natural antibacterial organic elements. Quartzite is a diverse and pleasant colors, which fit perfectly into any interior.

 Marble is known for the durability, nobleness and beauty. Impurities of various minerals increase decorative effect of a natural stone. A variety of factures and shades allows to use marble in following directions - table-tops, bar counters , a sculpture, columns, stairs, a handrails, a plinths, hand-rails and balusters. And also facing of fireplaces, fountains, floors and walls, marble pilasters and many other things.

 Granite is used, as well as marble. The border, a stone blocks for roadways, facing of quays will be addition. Supplement will be a border, paving stones for the roadways, lining the embankments.

 Natural stone Otto Filit – excellent facing material for pools, exterior and interior of terraces, museums, office buildings and residential buildings, parking lots, gas stations, sidings.

 For interior decoration are perfect onyx and travertine. Fill your home the power of nature, and interior design to make art!