Our company offers a full range of services from production of stone products to care for them, namely:

cutting of stone

processing of stone

saw cut of stone

cleaning  of stone

care for stone

polishing of stone

laying of stone

stone polishing

For the production of natural stone ecoSlate we use the most advanced stone-working equipment. In the process of saw cut stone slabs obtained large format of 1300 * 2100 * 30mm, the processing that you can create any products of different dimensions and shapes. The processing of stone by using different methods and techniques used in our production, allows products from natural stone to make its final and perfect form.

Assortment of our products is quite wide. This steps, table tops, window sills, decorative tiles for fireplaces and barbecues. All that your home or office has become a beautiful and environmentally friendly, and continued to delight you for many years.

In the manufacture of stone products, due to specific properties and non-uniform structure, cutting of the stone is a very complicated process. Cutting is realize by milling cutter (straight cuts) or water (water-jet cutting).

Facture of stones such as slate and quartzite - a natural split, with rough relief up to 3 mm. It is obtained by splitting the stone block on natural fibers. Each tile pokes out by hand and only then is machine processing cut to format and calibrated thickness.

In addition to the natural split, the following options for processing the front surface of the stone: the front side brushed and polished surfaces. During the processing of the surface with brushes are eliminated differences in the facture of natural stone ecoSlate, the surface becomes smoother, but the facture is preserved, the color of the stone does not change. In a polished, natural stone has a matte smooth, glossy surface with a pronounced natural pattern.

After production and installation of stone products, remember that to maintain the appearance of regular maintenance is required for the stone. This is especially true of stone products used in outdoor decoration. In many such cases, cleaning the stone from dirt, dust, rust and other things.

On the issues of installation and working with natural stone, you can contact with our Technical Department on t. 776-30-15

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