Otto Filit

Ottofillit or even call it OttoPilaguri –the  brightest representative of the Norwegian slates.

 It's very rare and very expensive natural stone. Because of its beauty, high durability to abrasion and low absorption, Norwegian slate Ottofillit attracted increasing attention of modern Russian and foreign architects. Particular interest is the processing of the Norwegian slate - Polished, where in the process of polishing the front of the stone called unique 3D facture polished Ottofillit, with alternating longitudinal inclusions of mica crystals and natural pyrite. Of course, like all slates Ottofillit, can be processed "natural split", also Brushed.

 It is produced as a standard tile dimensions 300x300x10mm, 300x600x10mm, 400x400x10mm and in slabs of maximum dimension up to 1100x2000x30mm.

 The best-known consumer of Norwegian slate is a company Cartie, facades boutiques which are decorated with this beautiful natural slate.