When we want to make our house, apartment or office - really nice and modern, we always pay attention to natural decorating materials.

Our company offers to use the premises also outside of it, natural stone it is the most popular and relevant types are - marble, granite, slate, quartzite, travertine, onyx, basalt and limestone. We have experience more than 10 years with these types of natural stone, our specialists will be happy to pick the right only to you, this natural finishing material.

Large quantity of names, colours, shades and factures of natural stone which we can offer in tile and slabs will help you make a really good choice.

We give necessary advice on packing, clearance and aftercare slabs of natural stone and, if necessary, help to compose, taking into account all wishes.

 Our competitive advantage - is the availability of natural stone in a warehouse in Moscow, as well as reasonable prices and the highest quality tile and stone products.

We supply natural stone tiles by following standard sizes:

305x305x10 mm

400x400x10 mm

300x600x10 mm

300x600x15 mm

300x600x20 mm

600x600x15 mm

600x600x20 mm

Depending on the type of stone we offer slabs by following formats:

Slate 1300x2100x20 mm

Slate 1300x2100x30 mm

Marble 1500x2500x20 mm.

Marble 1500x2500x30 mm

Granite 1800x2800x20 mm

Granite 1800x2800x30 mm.

Travertine 1000x250x20mm.

Travertine 1000x250x30 mm. There are special sizes to order.

We ask  you always to precise  the availability of your interest slabs tile and natural stone by phone (495) 737-75-15