Cutting of stone

Cutting Stone allows to realize the cutting of slabs or tiles of natural stone. Cutting can be milling and hydroabrasive. Cutting by cutters are used when need a direct cut. In other cases, a water jet cutting. Today the cutting of stone is in this way is more preferable in view of obtaining excellent results.

 After cutting stone water jet cutting not require additional processing of the material, the line cut is almost perfect, independent of difficulty level and form of the curvature of the slice

Using the method of water-jet cutting enables to realize the artistic cutting on the surfaces of products. It makes possible to produce not only such products as stairs, window sills, countertops, plinths, but and artistic panels, as well as products with simulated mosaic. Efforts in the water jet cutting are small, is achieved possibility of manufacturing the finest elements in natural stone with intricate designs and complete absence of splits on the surface.

Today, all materials are easily handling, including natural stones: granite, onyx and marble. Today for cutting stone from the professionals has everything you need and our capabilities are limited to only a flight of imagination