Basalt - this is a famous rock on the planet, which has a volcanic origin, and received its name from the word "basal", which is translated from the Ethiopian language means "boiled". Formed natural stone basalt in the melting of mantle rocks; wehrlite, harzburgites, lherzolites.

 Basalt has a dense fine-grained structure, from the color of anthracite up to the rich black, has a high density and strength. On the geodynamic nature are the following types of basalts. This basalt mid-ocean ridges, basalt active continental margins, continental intraplate basalts and intraplate oceanic basalts.

 Used basalt for wall and cladding material for finishing the basement and foundation.

 Basalt is easy to process, and it allows to use it in manual work to decorate the dressing rooms.

 Polished basalt slab are respectable. Use them for paving the sidewalks, as the lining material for exterior trim, as well as creating sculptures and statues.