Natural Stone

Natural stone, a little bit about him ...

 We all know about the amazing natural building materials - natural stone. For more than three thousand years man has used it in construction, decoration of houses, production of architectural masterpieces, making the masterpieces of ancient and modern sculpture, and in many other areas.

Natural slate and quartzite

The facture of natural slate and quartzite ecoSlate new word in your design.

Natural slate and quartzite fairly new product on the domestic market of elite finishing materials. More than  10 years, these stunningly beautiful natural stones found a buyer in Russia, and immediately became very popular among architects and designers. It is thanks to professional designers and architects looking for every day  new materials and fashion trends, slate and quartzite came to us.

Instructions for laying stone.

Detailed instructions for installation of stone - natural slate and quartzite tiles.

Our congratulations to you!

You have purchased a truly beautiful natural materials for interior and exterior finishes - natural slate ecoSlate ®, extracted from the best quarries of the world, and manual processing. It will  delight many years you and your family for its unique natural shades and facture.

Types of processing the exterior side.

Stone - types of processing exterior surface.

A huge variety of colors and shades of natural stone is always and at all times helps architects and designers to find one single stone, which satisfies all interior and exterior needs.

But architecture and design are always in development, in search of new emphases, materials and their processing. So it was with natural stone.

Not only its production significantly increased with time and the advent of more productive cars, and getting a variety of methods of processing natural stone, namely its surface.

Now there are over 10 types of processing the front surface of natural stone. Consider the most popular of their species.

Care of the stone - it is beauty and durability of stone for many years

Despite of the fact that in attitude to natural stone, we often use the word "eternal" nevertheless, over time it tends to age and deteriorate. This process is greatly accelerated when the natural conditions of the stone falls into a stormy maelstrom of human existence. To avoid all this, in today's market offers a multitude of therapeutic and protective equipment for the care of the stone.

Brazilian and Indian Slate

Brazilian slate is one of the most popular among all offered in the market of finishing and building materials slate. He is famous in the first of its moderate facture, perfect calibration and quiet (with rare exceptions) colour spectrum. The most famous Brazilian slates include such as: «Grafite» (or else it is called «Black Grafite») «Purple» (another name «Burgundi»), «Green», «Grey» and «Multicolour» (or «Rusti») .

Stone veneer: a revolution in stone processing.

Today, the tendency of innovative products and materials can be traced the trend of reduce the dimensions of the old, familiar things. So, if we compare today's mobile phones with, say, models of 5 - 7 years ago we see the clearest example of this - the dimensions and weight of today is much smaller and it is with a considerable complication of the filling and increasing the number of proposed functions.

Slate - Natural facing stone in Russia

Slate - one of the most popular in Russia varieties of natural facing stone. While in U.S.A., it is recognized as one of the top five stones on the world market of natural finishing stones. This is the first in the world when it is not precious but natural stone has become so prominent a symbol of prestige and belonging to the elite of cociety. Higher levels of society all over the world almost grabbed slate fever heat. The most fashionable and famous designers are constantly seeking the most rare species, the original facture and unusual colours of this stone.

Indian slate of reasons for success in Russia.

Appearing on the Russian market of finishing materials for over 8 years ago, Indian natural slate, currently experiencing a boom of sales.

Before our eyes, over the past 8 years, the name slate in the association of buyers has gone from association with beach slippers and flammable peat slate to elite finishing material, designed for exclusive interiors and facades of buildings, even in our climate.

So how it gain popularity the Indian natural slate and quartzite? Let us try to understand this in our article.

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