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Natural stone, a little bit about him ...

 We all know about the amazing natural building materials - natural stone. For more than three thousand years man has used it in construction, decoration of houses, production of architectural masterpieces, making the masterpieces of ancient and modern sculpture, and in many other areas.

He found its application as a popular and reliable building material - of which made the age-old walls of various buildings, flooring, used in roofing business . Today, with the advent of new technologies in the construction and production of construction and finishing materials of the role of natural stone not only not decreased, and conversely significantly increased. Stone was an attribute of luxury and style, bringing with him a surprising originality of each project, where it is used.

We can see the stone in our areas that uses the paving stone, often of granite. Also made of granite exterior steps, risers, handrails, bases of buildings, pylons, and many others, and thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, the service life of these products exceed the lifetime of the building. And we see that a lot of evidence - a reconstruction of the Moscow Hotel, in granite  facing  which was used granite from the original project. The same story was with Novoarbatsky bridge in Moscow, where after a major overhaul of the facility, he was again faced with preserved their strength and did not lose their intrinsic beauty, granite blocks.

  Especially majestic and look beautiful facades of buildings, lined with natural stone (limestone, travertine, granite, basalt). And the life of these facades, in which uses natural stone, subject to the standards of care of stone (stone of cleaning and protection with special protective chemicals should be done at least 1 time in 3 - 7 years, depending on climate and air pollution, CO2) from 70 and more years. Granite facades may be incomparably longer life - from 150 years or more, even in our climate.

 Traditionally, the use of natural tiles of marble for walls and floors, both indoors and outdoors (in mild climates) by natural marble. We all remember the magnificent marble floors, French, Italian, German, Russian palaces and cathedrals, temples, churches, manor houses and country residences. And they are all currently in use, retaining its natural beauty complemented by time. And now many Russian architects use in their projects as floor and wall coverings natural stone - marble

 Natural slate, which is now becoming more popular in Russia for many centuries used as roofing material - they hid the roof of castles, palaces and homes across Europe from the Czech Republic to Portugal and from Northern Germany to Southern Italy. And now we, increasingly popular and gaining  popularity  roofs made of natural Brazilian and Portuguese slate, but as long as it is quite expensive material compared to non-natural substitutes.

 Sandstones extensive are used in landscaping, due to their properties, diversity and low cost of natural stone. It is very popular in India - a huge number of buildings covered by Indian sandstone, where there are more than 25 different colours and shades.

 India actively exports this resource all over the world, including us, in Russia.

Other types of stone are also very used in the construction, we consider the following articles of natural stone at our site.

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