Natural slate and quartzite

The facture of natural slate and quartzite ecoSlate new word in your design.

Natural slate and quartzite fairly new product on the domestic market of elite finishing materials. More than  10 years, these stunningly beautiful natural stones found a buyer in Russia, and immediately became very popular among architects and designers. It is thanks to professional designers and architects looking for every day  new materials and fashion trends, slate and quartzite came to us.

But why is it so loved by veneer and quartzite of home design and architecture?

The answer is obvious - it is for its decorative properties, because in addition to a unique variety of colors and a variety of shades, he has the natural facture of the so-called natural split! The front surface of natural slate is always a natural split! And this is a strong argument in favor of these stones.

Marble, granite, travertine, limestone, basalt! It's always a great choice for both the private interior and office, commercial premises and so on. But these natural stones are initially smooth: sanded or polished surfaces. To give them anti-slip or special decorative properties, the exterior surface to produce on special machines and burn (Flamed), or scratch by abrasive brushes (Brushed)  and we see only the  picture the natural of stone, its internal structure.

Natural slate and quartzite are have different processing technology. And primarily thank to it's origin and mineral composition. The layered structure allows the tile of slate produce from it not by split, such as for example produce marble or granite, but by splitting along the natural fibers getting on the front surface of the unique natural pattern natural facture. Blocks of slate, mined from the best quarries in India, Italy, Brazil, Portugal and China split manually using a sharp chisel and a hammer for many decades. Only this type of stone, and the only way we can see the hidden nature of the hundreds of thousands of years ago, the internal facture and colour of natural slate

 Modern designers and architects are increasingly using the facture of slate and quartzite in their projects, highlighting irregularities, nodules, drops of this natural stone, creating a play of light and shadows on the walls, floors, facades and roofs.

Use of slate and quartzite indoors can be virtually unlimited. It includes not harmful to human natural inclusions. Walls, floors, heated floors, wet rooms, showers, countertops, fireplaces and barbecues screens, sills around swimming pools and much more that's where I found the use of slate and quartzite. If the floors and walls, the standard format of tiles 300x300x12, 400x400x12, 300x600x12 600x600x12mm and for countertops are used large-sized slabs1300x2100x30mm and many others. Also produced a mosaic of slate and quartzite with the size of chips  20x20x12mm and 30x30x12mm, which are glued to a special foundation. It is also used in all kinds of decoration. Like any natural material, natural slate and quartzite should be protected, both before and during working. For this purpose there are special cosmetic and protective waxes and mastics. Particularly prevalent in Russia were the Italian chemical brands such as: Akemi, Geal, Bellinzoni and others that can be purchased at most companies that sell natural stone.

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