Care of the stone - it is beauty and durability of stone for many years

Despite of the fact that in attitude to natural stone, we often use the word "eternal" nevertheless, over time it tends to age and deteriorate. This process is greatly accelerated when the natural conditions of the stone falls into a stormy maelstrom of human existence. To avoid all this, in today's market offers a multitude of therapeutic and protective equipment for the care of the stone.

At first view it may seem unusual that the same can harm the stone, which has such amazing physical and chemical properties that used to make the most crucial elements of the interior: the steps, bathrooms,  table tops for kitchen, window -sills, etc.

The main cause of pollution of natural stone flooring is its high porosity. This is especially noticeable in the autumn-winter season, sudden changes in temperature, mechanical damage, precipitation. Made by natural marble, onyx, granite floors and walls are required in the minimal care only if the installation was carried out qualitatively and professionally. With proper and regular care such coatings permanently retain their original properties.

There are several basic types of chemical agents for the care of stone: impregnation without effects; impregnation emphasizing its structure, varnishes, cleaners, mastic and special glue.

In addition to the above, it is recommended, especially for vulnerable surfaces, special detergents that are not only free from dirt, but also create a specific protective film. For daily care products made from stone and stain removal, you can use special soft shampoos. Individually specifically putty will get rid of tiny cracks and pores on the surface of the stone. This will protect the stone from getting into the microorganisms.

Above all, the polished surface of natural stone should be thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in warm water with a special detergent, then it is necessary to wipe a surface with a dry cloth. Such a procedure is enough to make at least a few times a year, for that would help the stone to preserve its pristine beauty and durability for years to come.

Head of Sales LLC "Image Stone Gorbachev A.