Brazilian and Indian Slate

Brazilian Slate

Brazilian slate is one of the most popular among all offered in the market of finishing and building materials slate. He is famous in the first of its moderate facture, perfect calibration and quiet (with rare exceptions) colour spectrum. The most famous Brazilian slates include such as: «Grafite» (or else it is called «Black Grafite») «Purple» (another name «Burgundi»), «Green», «Grey» and «Multicolour» (or «Rusti») .

In Brazil (south and south-east) is developing several quarries each type of stone. With a variety quarries of get a very similar slates and from different suppliers. The stone is identical, of course, with rare exceptions. Difference is in the provision of selection (selection of colour, tone, inclusions), as the calibration and the correct geometry of slabs slate. Our company ecoSlate for many years cooperated with proven Brazilian suppliers of tiles and slabs of natural slate and offers only the highest quality of natural stone ecoSlate.

All the Brazilian slates quarried open way. On technology, this process is identical extraction of limestone, marble, basalt, granite, etc. After removing the top soil layer (about 3-5 metrov) opens the slate layer, which subsequently, cut by large blocks of special machines with the use of abrasive saws and ropes and delivered to the stone working factories. Then the blocks by hand pricked out (split) to the desired thickness.

Our company offers ecoSlate slabs natural Brazilian slate of up to 2100x1300x30mm. If necessary, under the order may manufacture slabs more specified dimensions.

Tile from Brazilian slate has a fairly wide range of dimensions. Made the following dimensions of Brazilian slate: 100x100x10mm, 200x200x10mm, 300x300x10mm, 300x600x10mm, 400x400x10mm, 600x600x10mm. Large format of tile have a thickness of 15mm. Brazilian suppliers offer a mosaic of different dimensions and mosaic chips (10mm, 20mm, 30mm).

Application of Brazilian slate is not limited, it is laid on the floor and walls, both inside and outside the premises (and even in our climatic conditions), on the facades and the basement, he has proved himself as a roofing material, all of Europe uses Brazilian slate roofing different colours and shapes of roof "flakes". Slate is used both in private interiors and indoor terrain (malls, offices, boutiques, salons, etc.), a vivid example of the train station in Milan (Italy), where the floors are laid even under Mussolini natural Brazilian slate Green and Grafite. And continue to serve until now, and it almost 70 years!

Brazilian slate is also used for making table tops, steps, windowsills, shower trays and more.

Indian Slate

Indian slate is a natural stone mined from quarries in India. Slate has a high resistance to compression and stretching, he practically does not absorb moisture. Rich colour palette of Indian slate allows you to perform an unusual and colourful lining.

Indian slate is fashionable today finishing material. It is used to finish table tops, windowsills, sinks. They can paving floor, steps, to do finish the walls.

Indian slate is widely used for outdoor work: facing socles, provision of the necessary facilities roofs, decoration work of garden furniture, fountains and fences.

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