Stone veneer: a revolution in stone processing.

Today, the tendency of innovative products and materials can be traced the trend of reduce the dimensions of the old, familiar things. So, if we compare today's mobile phones with, say, models of 5 - 7 years ago we see the clearest example of this - the dimensions and weight of today is much smaller and it is with a considerable complication of the filling and increasing the number of proposed functions.

TVs, CD-players, monitors, domestic appliances - everything tends to reduce weight and size and it all without losing the basic consumer properties!

Today we can declare with confidence that the trend is to reduce the pair: the thickness, weight and got to the stone.

Already, there are technologies that produce slab of marble, onyx and granite standard sizes – 2500x1300x5-10mm! Imagine, stone, area 3, 25m2 with a thickness of 5mm. And slab weight 65 kg! (In the usual sawing weight of such slab be no less than 280 kg). This is a real revolution in the stone. Moreover, such a thin natural stone can be bent, while true, the radius of 8-10metrov.

We can now use this innovative product in areas where early access to natural stone has been closed:

Facing of door panels

Facing of furniture facades

Facing the light structures with natural stone

Facing the radial surfaces of monolithic slabs of natural stone

Manufacture of ceiling lights, chandeliers, and proper installation of natural stone on the ceiling!

And much more, will lead you to a fantasy.

On the market began to appear and wallpapers from natural stone - are glued to the prepared wall as the paper.

Today, our company keeps up with modern trends in weight and thickness in the processing of natural stone, or rather slate. We offer this amazing natural stone from a warehouse in Moscow.

Natural stone veneer! - An absolute novelty of the market of finishing materials. This product was launched about 3 years ago in Germany.

Now it produce in Italy, India and China they sell all over the world.

Produced formats 600x900x2mm, 600x1200x2mm who subsequently sawn into the required elements or used in full size.

Stone veneer produced and on a different basis - the largest-spread adhesive reinforced substrate (the weight of 1m2 of the veneer is only 2 - 4kg/m2), 1,5 mm thick, which actually fixed the natural layer of natural slate thickness 0,5 - 1, 5 mm. It is also proposed a flexible rubber substrate thickness of 5-7mm. (Weight 5.8 kg/m2), and the base MDP 12 - 18 mm (weight 8-16 kg / m 2) for mounting on the wall. In any case, the front side of the stone veneer will have a thin layer of natural slate.

Now we can offer you the following types of stone veneer from a warehouse in Moscow:

ecoSlate Molter Cooper 600x900x2mm

ecoSlate Silver Shine 600x900x2mm

ecoSlate Golden 600x900x2mm

ecoSlate Olive Green 600x900x2 mm

ecoSlate Mica 600x900x2mm

ecoSlate Light Autumn 600x900x2 mm

Installation of stone veneer made in a special two-component adhesive for natural stone, or liquid nails. Cutting is performed at the place of a diamond disk with a diameter up to 50mm, or scissors and metal with a sharp knife.

For all issues of the use stone veneer, please contact our technical department for  +7495 661-20-07.

You will be satisfied by applying our stone veneer  ecoSlate in the draft.