Slate - Natural facing stone in Russia

Slate - one of the most popular in Russia varieties of natural facing stone. While in U.S.A., it is recognized as one of the top five stones on the world market of natural finishing stones. This is the first in the world when it is not precious but natural stone has become so prominent a symbol of prestige and belonging to the elite of cociety. Higher levels of society all over the world almost grabbed slate fever heat. The most fashionable and famous designers are constantly seeking the most rare species, the original facture and unusual colours of this stone.

But where do we suddenly so grown in popularity, or you can even say the fashion for Slate? On the one hand, this is certainly one of the quirks of millionaires. But on the other hand, slate - is the most amazing and unusual in its structure a stone.

Its sturdy structure, it is unique and expressive facture of the surface, lots of colours - for ever won the world of design. And despite of its popularity is the use, will not create the same type of interiors. Each of them will be in their own creative, different and extraordinarily beautiful.

Slate - a very "warm" stone, not forming a sense of "cold", in contrast to the marble and granite. It is applicable even in finishing the bedroom.

This natural stone has sufficient frost resistance and resistance to moisture penetration, for what would have been applicable if the external cladding and external decoration.

Without any restrictions slate can also be used when installing heated floor heating systems. Not due to a significant factor in thermal expansion of slate is also used in areas of significant heat and temperature difference: for the lining of furnaces, baths, fireplaces and saunas. But we should remember that when laying in these cases it is recommended to use the seam is not less than two millimeters.

The most surprising property of the slate - it is absolutely non-slip material. Even when wet it lets slip that it is not important enough for use in swimming pools and pools areas.

Due to its uneven facture of natural split, slate is an ideal solution for interior design. After all, he combines in himself all the necessary qualities - durability, beauty and safety.