Indian slate of reasons for success in Russia.

Appearing on the Russian market of finishing materials for over 8 years ago, Indian natural slate, currently experiencing a boom of sales.

Before our eyes, over the past 8 years, the name slate in the association of buyers has gone from association with beach slippers and flammable peat slate to elite finishing material, designed for exclusive interiors and facades of buildings, even in our climate.

So how it gain popularity the Indian natural slate and quartzite? Let us try to understand this in our article.

India has a huge territory, part of the five largest countries in the world for its quantity, has a global inventory of natural stone - an infinite number of quarries, mines, tunnels, which produces marble, granite, onyx, slate, quartzite and sandstone. As we all know, India is also one of the largest producers of precious and semiprecious stones such as diamond, sapphire, emerald, garnet, ruby, tourmaline, agate and so on. And it is also the largest consumers. In truth, nature has generously endowed the India such wealth as natural stone.

Indian marble and granite is well known among the people choosing, or professionals working with natural stone - who has not heard such popular titles as - Marble Green India, Granite Kashmir Gold / White, Imperial Gold / Red, Golden Flower, Golden Oak, Marble Forest Brown / Green / Gold, all that is mined and processed in India. The highest quality of stone (polished, geometry, calibration  and lack excess of the norms of radiation background) was achieved through the use of high-quality, European and Indian's own machine-tool, stone processing machines and robotic lines. Now, India is one of three world leaders in producing and exporting of natural stone. And a special place in the production and export is a natural Indian slate and quartzite.

India - the absolute world leader in the variety of natural slate and quartzite. More than 65 species of slate and quartzite are currently being developed in various quarries in India. This is an absolute record among all producers. A variety of colours, shades and factures of Indian slate are amazing. From cold-beige quartzite (ecoSlate Quartzite White) up to absolute black (ecoSlate Lime Black), covering all, without exception, the basic shades:

Silver  ecoSlate Silver Grey

Sand ecoSlate Sunset Gold

Green with play of colours  ecoSlate Silver Shine

Aubergine ecoSlate Violeto

Beige ecoSlate Fossil Lime

Golden ecoSlate Golden

Olive ecoSlate Olive Green

Multi Colour ecoSlate Jack M Colour

Pink ecoSlate Lime Pinck

Copper ecoSlate Cooper

In addition to the variety of shades, it is possible a huge selection of dimensions of Indian slate and quartzite, among them:

All kinds of mosaics with the dimension of chips 10x10, 20x20, 30x30, 50x50mm

Tiles 100x100, 200x200, 300x300, 305x305, 300x600, 400x400, 600x600mm

Slabs 600x900x20 and 30mm, and 30mm 600x1200x20, 600x1500x20 and 30mm

By its physical and mechanical properties of Indian slates are very vriety (depending on the mineralogical composition of the stone), this is their most important characteristics:

Specific weight

Coefficient of absorption (dehumidification) from 0,5% up to 4%


Bending strength                                                                                      Is tested

Compression resistance                                                                            Is tested

Porosity                                                                                                     Is tested

Abradability                                                                                          Average, such as marble

Safety to slippage                                                                                     Safe, dry / wet

Adhesion                                                                                                     Excellent

Acid                                                                                                           Low

The ability to polish                                                                                Yes, most

Depending on the physical - mechanical properties, the expected life of the stone, Indian slate and quartzite application finds:

Floors, walls, showers, fronts, caps, runners around the pools, they are used in the decoration: apartments, private houses and apartments, offices, restaurants, boutiques, shopping malls and so on.

A huge number of Russian architects have been using natural Indian slate and quartzite in their projects, which benefit greatly from the presence in them of this amazing material.

Do you and your home or office is truly a fashionable and extraordinarily beautiful.

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