Natural slate veneer ecoSlate Light - is an absolute novelty of the market of finishing materials.

Keeping all the decorative quality and appearance of natural split of natural slate for all 100%!, our stone veneer ecoSlate Light has a thickness only 2mm!, and weight – up to 5 kg/m2.

This "aery", light, and a thin natural stone which has not been in nature yet! In design and architecture, too!

Our veneer has a maximum dimension of sheet  - up to 600x90x2mm (0.54 m2), which allows to minimize the number of joints of the stone in your project, so we get more monolithic and purity of perception.

The application of our stone veneer ecoSlate Light truly boundless: it is all the vertical interior surfaces, facing facades of furniture and doors (interroom and input), bar counters and designer chairs. The most importance is our slate veneer ecoSlate Light for facing walls of elevators - for applying light finishing materials - you can achieve high efficiency.

 You will be satisfied by applying our slate veneer ecoSlate Light in project.